A comfortable solution for owning your holiday home


With Tesori-Italy’s co-ownership, also commonly known as fractional ownership, someone buys a share in a unique real-estate property that they then will own together with other shareholders. The Tesori-Italy concept is based on a maximum of 10 co-owners/shareholders per property.


A 1/10th share in the company that owns the property, entitles the co-owner to five weeks of exclusive use of the entire property. During that period the property is completely at the co-owner’s disposal, not just part of it, and this for as many years as you decide to remain a shareholder.


The word Co-Ownership says it all; the buyer owns the property, but together with others. The purchase of a 1/10th share in our project entitles you to the exclusive use of the entire house for 5 weeks per year. You can enjoy your stay from the moment you arrive, as all work will be taken care of by our dedicated local team and the costs will be shared between all co-owners.
The property deeds are in the name of an Italian company (s.r.l) owned by the shareholders. Management of the property will be provided by Tesori-Italy’s local and experience team, who will manage day-to-day operations on behalf of the owners. Casa Garibaldino’s operating costs are shared by the owners through an annual service fee to cover expenses such as housekeeping, essential supplies, maintenance, building and contents insurance, capital reserves ( replacements, etc.), utilities, property taxes, management fees, legal services and accounting.
All charges are based on actual costs and are available for review by the co-owners. Each year differences with expenditure will either be charged or refunded after the accounts are finalised. The annual service fee payable per share is budgeted each year and decided at the annual general shareholders’ meeting.


Carefree ownership

Financially appealing because of shared running costs

Valuable property at part of the cost

One-time investment for lifelong usage

Reliable and transparent Italian based company

Year-round supervised property

Start your relaxed stay the minute you arrive

No chores, just enjoyment!


TOP location property, comfortable all year round

Fully furnished and equipped property

Total property management by a dedicated team of professionals, including maintenance and housekeeping

Cleaning and laundry

Taking care of local taxes, insurance, and other running cost

Administration of the involved legal and accounting costs

The possibility to enjoy being part of the local community



Holiday home CO-OWNERSHIP is a concept that offers a carefree and comfortable way of owning an Italian, boutique style holiday home and in our case also contributes to preserving the uniqueness of the historic centre of the charming hilltop village of Montefiore dell’Aso.
Have you been dreaming of owning a holiday home in Italy and living La Dolce Vita, but think it is too costly compared to the number of weeks that you would be able to use it during the year? Do you worry about maintenance and leaving the house unattended for a long time? We offer a carefree solution to realise your dream in Le Marche at shared costs: TESORI-ITALY CO-OWNERSHIP.

Are you interested in our solution of co-owning a luxury holiday home?